"Knowledge can only be acquired
through the process of learning"

(Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

How to present Islam (OC) poster 2
Fadel Soliman


The Arts of Da’wa | Level 1 : How to present Islam

This course consists of two main parts:
The first, is simply presentation skills and public speaking skills, which anyone can benefit from them in becoming an amazing public speaker and presenter.
The second, is the application of those skills on presenting Islamic beliefs and concepts.
In the presentation and public speaking skills part you will learn:
* How to talk with impact on your audience.
* How to stay connected with the audience during your speech.
* How to sound logical yet spiritual at the same time.
In the applications part you will learn:
* How to talk and direct your speech to atheists and agnostics as well as religious people.
* How to simplify the meaning of Islam.
* How to explain the six main beliefs of Muslims.
* How to explain the five main pillars of Islam.
* How to tackle and explain the most misunderstood concepts in Islam like, Jihad, status of women, Hijab, freedom of speech, terrorism, etc.