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How to present Islam

Something amazing these days is that many people have started thinking about their lives, seeking a deeper meaning & the secrets behind the universe and started thinking about "the ultimate truth". This made our beloved religion, Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world because Islam answers their questions.

As we discuss their thought process, we should talk about their curiosity about various religions.  While many eyes are oriented towards Islam, and especially towards the Middle East, people hear a number of things about Islam which increases their curiosity more & more.

Thus, when you travel abroad or when you meet non-Muslims, you will find many questions, many misconceptions and much more curiosity. This, my friends, is what makes our mission more complicated and what places a great responsibility upon us.

Thus traveling or living abroad nowadays isn't as simple as before, now you are a representative of an entire religion, an ambassador of Islam!

This forces you to know how to be a Muslim.  You should impress others by demonstrating the values of Islam and through your knowledge of your religion.  You should know much more about Islam and what is more important is to know how to present Islam.

From my point of view, "How to present Islam" is essential for every Muslim. Especially for those who don't know much about their religion.  It’s about establishing a source of light, guiding others to the truth and fulfilling their curiosity.


Moreover, "How to present Islam" is not only about presenting Islam to others, it's also about presenting Islam to yourself in order to revive your ultimate vision; ALLAH's satisfaction.



About Bridges Foundation

Bridges Foundation aims to bridge peoples from different religious and ethnic backgrounds through educational interfaith activities, like power point presentations, gatherings, discussions etc… 

Religion has always been taken as a ground to initiate wars throughout the history of humanity. Benefiting from this sensitive cord, many conflicts took the rough destructive solution.

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Bridges Workshops

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Islam’s image has been tarnished all over the world: from the 9/11 attacks in the USA, to the Madrid and London bombings, it is a tough challenge for any religion to face. And what’s more is the ignorance surrounding the understanding of this monotheistic religion.
Ignorance is most definitely the biggest competitor (or rival) facing Islam today.That is why, at Bridges Foundation, we are dedicated at using the true light of knowledge to dispel the darkness and spread the truth everywhere and to all peoples.

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Islam in Brief distributed today in the USA

  35.000 copies of Islam in Brief, part I of The Fog is Lifting series of documentaries on Islam are   distributed today in the USA. 20,000 DVDs are distributed today in North Carolina through MAS Raleigh with The News&Observer,  a wide spread newspapper in NC.

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