"Knowledge can only be acquired
through the process of learning"

(Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

How to present Islam (OC) poster 2
Fadel Soliman
The Arts of Da’wa | Level 1 : How to present Islam

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It is time for you to present Islam!

The Course Covers:

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Skills:

– How to Talk with impact on the audience.

– How to connect with the audience.

– How to convey the message.

– How to sound logical.

– How to sound spiritual.

– What is the meaning of D’awa.

– Talking to Atheists and Agnostics.

Presenting Islam:

– What is Islam

– Who is Allah

– Who is Prophet Muhammad

– What is the purpose of life.

– Explaining the 6 beliefs simply and clearly.

Presenting Islamic Rituals:

– The meaning of the Shahada.

– Why Muslims pray like that

– The significance of Zakat, Fasting Ramadan & Haj

Introducing Islamic Concepts:

– Hijab.

– Status of Women in Islam.

– Does Jihad equal terrorism?

– Islam: a religion of peace or a religion of war?

– Human rights.

– Freedom of Speech.

– Equality.

– Brotherhood.

– Justice.


Register for the online course for 29.99 GBP