"The one who guides people to do
the good is rewarded as the one
who does it"

(Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)


In the first part of The Fog is Lifting “Islam in Brief”; you will learn in 74 minutes more information about Islamic believes and rituals than what you can acquire in 74 days of reading.
For the viewer’s convenience, the Film consists of ten chapters; each one deals with one or more specific concept, belief or ritual, even though it is recommended to watch the chapters in order.

Islam in Brief is originally a power point presentation given by Fadel Soliman-the author of the film- to over 40,000 non Muslims all over the globe; in Churches, universities, conferences and government agencies, etc…
“Islam in Brief” is translated into 30 international Languages including the Hebrew language.
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As the second part of “The Fog is Lifting” series “Jihad on Terrorism” tackles the most controversial misconception spread by the west following 9/11, that Islam is the religion of terrorists, and that the Quran is a book of violence and hatred.

Through the Bridges Foundation 100-minute documentary you will learn the true meaning of “Jihad”; that Islam gave people the way to end terror in the world, and that jihad is the true war on terrorism.

The documentary offers 100 minutes clarification on the subject of jihad and terrorism by world-renowned speakers (alphabetized by first name), including:

Dr. Abdullah Hakim, Islamic historian – Canada; Aishah Schwartz, founder and director Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) – United States; Fadel Soliman, director Bridges Foundation – Egypt; Dr. Jamal Badawi, European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) – founder and chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation – Canada; Dr. Gunnar Westberg, formerly co-president of International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1985) – Sweden; Petrina Higgs, British peace activist; Dr. Philippe Sands, London University; Dr. Robert Pape, Chicago University; Dr. Samuel Pierce, professor of psychiatry – United States; and Imam Suhaib Webb, Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Supervising Committee:
Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris, Sheikh Shaker Alsayed, and Dr. Mamdouh Mohammad.  
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Islam in Women is a documentary examining the phenomena surrounding the fact that a majority of new converts to Islam are women, regardless of the fact that most of the Islamophobic attacks on Islam decry that it is discriminatory and oppressive toward women.

Through the candid and inspirational interviews of 12 female converts to Islam, including a non-Muslim woman, a professor from Al-Azhar University, and a professor at Harvard Divinity School, Islam in Women reveals the secrets behind why the religion attracts more women than men, in addition to refuting many of the misconceptions about women in Islam.
Representing a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, the women interviewed hail from Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the United States of America.

Islam in Women was filmed on location according to interviewee residency, as well as in Tunisia at the 2012 annual Native European Muslim Association (NEMA) Camp and at Harvard University, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States.
The documentary has been subtitled in 10 different languages to date, including Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Turkish. Bridges Foundation is actively seeking to provide subtitles in additional languages. Click here to learn more.

Speakers (alphabetized by first name):
Alizah Lau, Venezuela-China; Amber Acosta, CT-USA; Anna Stamou, Greece; Aziza Braekevelt, Belgium; Chung Wing Sze, Hong Kong; Elisabeth Jachstadt, Germany; Harmony Deknudt, Belgium; Janette Grant, TX-USA; Karolien Cooreman, Belgium; Prof. Leila Ahmad, Harvard University, MA-USA; Na’ima B. Robert, United Kingdom; Pauline Mudde, Netherlands; Priscilla Niels, Indonesia; Prof. Rasha Al-Disuqi, Al-Azhar University, Egypt; Shazna Fatima Michael, Sri Lanka.

Special Thanks (alphabetized by first name):
Ahmad Nick Knudt, Belgium; Aishah Schwartz, Egypt; Aya Zaki, Egypt; Discover Islam, Bahrain; Euro Islam, Belgium; Maha Osama, Egypt; Maryam Khedr, Egypt, Muhammad Qadir, Discover Islam International; Nancy Bakir, Egypt; New European Muslim Association (NEMA), UK; Rania Ayman, Egypt; Rawan Ayman, Egypt; Sara Ayman, Egypt; Wael M. Hani, Egypt; and the Serving Islam Team, Hong Kong.
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