Unfortunately, the image of Islam has been tarnished since the beginnings of the 21st century. Starting from the 9/11 attacks in the USA, to the bombings of Madrid and London. It has become a challenge that’s even made more difficult by the ignorance that deforms the simple understanding of this monotheistic religion.
Ignorance…the biggest rival of Islam today. Therefore, at Bridges, we are dedicated to use the light of knowledge to dispel darkness and spread the truth everywhere and to everyone.

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Level One:

How to present Islam

For anyone who wishes to have a clear understanding of Islam in a concise form, this workshop offers a comprehensive presentation on the pillars of Islam, the nature of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the status of women. It also unravels the true meaning of Jihad in the Islamic tradition as well as Human Rights – long before the United Nations declaration of Human Rights was written. The workshop covers the following topics:

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills:
-The meaning of D’awa. -How to engage with the audience. -How to have a deep impact on your audience 
How to design your presentation 
How to convey the message. -How to support your dialogue logically. -
How to support your dialogue spiritually. -How to lead a dialogue with Atheists and Agnostics
Presenting the Islamic Beliefs
– What is Islam? 
- Who is Allah? 
- Who is Prophet Muhammad?
- What is the purpose of life? 
- Explaining the 6 Beliefs simply and clearly   Presenting the Islamic Rituals – The meaning of ‘Shahada’ 
- Muslims Prayers
- The significance of Zakat, Fasting Ramadan and Haj 
- Introducing Islamic concepts such as: – Hijab 
- Status of Women in Islam 
- Does Jihad mean terrorism? 
- Islam: a religion of Peace or a religion of war? 
- Human rights 
- Freedom of speech 
- Equality 
- Brotherhood 
- Justice

Slim Cover Level 2

Level Two:

How to answer difficult  questions & refute misconceptions on Islam?


This workshop is designed for those who wish to take it a step further into understanding Islam. It deals with the misconceptions surrounding Islam today. It offers the answer to questions such as “Is Islam an anti-Semitic religion?” or “Are women discriminated and oppressed in Islam?” or “Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) really kill 700 Jews?” and so on.

The workshop covers the following topics:

Basics of answering questions of non Muslims
How to answer any question?
Understanding our own religion from a new perspective 

Refuting misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad 
His marriages 
Having a 9 years old wife 
Killing 700 Jews 
And more 

Refuting misconceptions about Women 
Do women Inherit less than men? 
Are they forced to wear Hijab? 
Created from a crooked rib?! 
Imperfect in mind and religion 
And more 

Refuting General misconceptions: 
Is Islam is anti-semitic? 
Is the Kaaba an idol that Muslims worship? 
Does Islam motivate suicide bombing and terrorism? 
What is the Holy War? 
Do Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted? 

Level three:

This level is for people interested in reaching a higher level and stepping into the area of presenting Islam to other people. 
It covers the following topics:

A two sessions’ practical training on:  

Practicing presenting Islam 
Developing your Presentation and Public Speaking Skills 
Measuring your abilities to convince others 
Discovering and treating your weaknesses points in presenting 

Level Four:

This level is about coaching in field, after passing the three levels, the trainee will do his presentation to non-Muslims audiences under the supervision of Bridges Foundation